The global assault on African people

The global assault on African people requires a comprehensive strategy to counter the onslaught. This book explores how Black fraternities in the United States can become relevant to the struggle of African people through collective work and responsibility and cooperative economics. Black Fraternities are comprised of very well educated black men which provides a professional/intellectual pool as well as financial resources that could provide an infrastructure to build a significant social movement. Most of them have been established with that goal in mind. However, throughout time they have lost sight of those goals and have rendered themselves on the margins of relevance to the Global African struggle. There is focus on Omega Psi Phi Fraternity in this book only because the author is a member of that fraternity and has a more intimate understanding of the intricacies of that fraternity. However, the ideas presented in this book may serve as a paradigm for black fraternities and sororities. With Omega as a paradigm for black fraternities, this book calls the reader to consider that Omega is in a unique position to economically and intellectually support a national/international movement to uplift African people as well as all downtrodden humanity. Omega is in this unique position because it has an economic infrastructure that generates capital without external support. Omega also has the intellectual and professional capacity capable of implementing economic, social, educational and cultural programs that can systematically uplift the downtrodden in a substantive way. Omega is in this unique position because it has a commercial brand that is successfully marketed and it has means of producing revenue. It also has its own banking system with the strong potential for expansion. If Omega’s system can efficiently be used to build educational, political, social and cultural programs to uplift African people, it will in turn uplift humanity. The purpose of this book is to provide ideas as to how black fraternities can become more relevant in the context of today’s challenges and to spell out practical strategies for them to consider. It is also a hope that this book elevates the expectations of fraternities by the people of which they are designed to serve.
Brother Louis Jefferson is an unapologetic nationalist.He has written extensively on what model would be used for satellite communities could use for LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE AND NATIONHOOD.

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