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All Revolutionary Ques understands the depth of the true meaning of our illustrious fraternity’s motto, “Friendship Soul Essential”. We realize that the key to Friendship is Love and the driving force of Revolution is Love. We realize that our obedience and faith in The Creator will guide our soul in a path of righteousness which is essential to being a true friend to the each other and the world.On the positive side of a critical analysis of Omega, All Revolutionary Ques recognizes the beauty and true collective and individual friendships that have developed through Omega. We recognize the spectacular exhibitions of enthusiasm that we display through stepping, chanting, fellowship and song. It is a true testament of what we could achieve in other ways if we had the same collective enthusiasm to build institutions for the development of our people. We recognize our accolades of individual achievement in all walks of life and the individual impact that it has had on the lives of other people.

All Revolutionary Ques is an organization established by Men of Omega Psi Phi, Inc. dedicated to improving the lives of Black People nationally and internationally through the development of national and international programming systemically countering the pathology of black people.

Sincerely, Brother Louis Jefferson Psi Gamma Chapter, ’83, Kent State University

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About Me

ALLRQs, is a group of dedicated brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., who believe that people of color have tremendous potential to use our resources to help achieve cooperative economic empowerment and independence.

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