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All revolutionary Que's Proposes
Revolution for Black fraternity revelance to the Global African Struggle

"Stand with us. Spread the word. All Revolutionary Ques are Revolutionary minded men of Omega building a movement for global Black Self-Determination and to uplift all downtrodden humanity. We are dedicated utilizing the resources and talents of Omega to collectively improve the lives of Black People nationally and internationally through the development of national and international programming systemically countering the pathology of black people."

1. Discussion of how Black Fraternities can and should play a integral role in advancing the struggle of Black People

2. Discussion of How Omega can and must overcome its internal Class Struggle in order to strengthen its capabilities to uplift the people who also face a class struggle.

3. Discuss the need for international trade unions and how Omega can educate to drive that movement.

4. Discussion of how Black Fraternities have the infrastructure to build an economy that could be the financial backbone for a movement for global Black Self-determination.

5. Discuss the need for African and African Diasporan Advocacy.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio to Bessie Gwendolyn Jefferson and Louis Jefferson Sr.
Bessie Gwendolyn Jefferson was born and raised in Selma, Alabama where she survived the border of “Bloody Lowndes County” and moved to Cleveland, Ohio after high school where she married Louis Jefferson Sr. Louis Jefferson Sr. was a surviving veteran of Korean War that made a living for his family by working at the Post Office. Both parents utilized their life experiences to shape their geopolitical positions in life in shaping the lives of their 3 children. Both parents were loving and giving to family and community. They instilled African pride; the significance of African unity; civic duty; anti-racism and anti-imperialism. They both provided a life rich in spirituality, education, arts, culture, athletics, trades, horticulture and lots of fun.

Louis is part of an emerging organization called All Revolutionary Ques. It's geared toward working to improve the global condition of Black and oppressed people by not only challenging the established power structure but also challenging our own organizations that capitulate to the established power structure. He feels that our own organizations can be utilized more efficiently to uplift the oppressed if they make a conscious effort to utilize their resources to fund and support systematic programs for self-determination rather than waste it on greed, corruption and status quo. All Revolutionary Ques will continue to encourage Omega Psi Phi do just that. All Revolutionary Ques is a committed and loving Revolutionary element of the class struggle within Omega. It seeks to bridge the gaps within the class struggle to make Omega whole and fully committed to utilizing its talents and resources as a movement to uplift downtrodden humanity through transformation of oppressive and inequitable systems
"The ideas that you have presented are well overdue"
Dr. Gerald Horne, History Professor, Attorney,
"Your voice and lens represents the best of the ideals and principles of our Founders! Thank you"!
From Dr. Lawrence Burnley, Professor
"I am proud that you are one of my students, God speed!"
Ron Daniels, Founder of the Institute for the Black World, Professor, Pan-Africanist, Television and Radio Host -
"Thank you for your noble efforts of self-determination for our people
Professor Mwatabu Okantah,Kent State University Professor, Activist, Author and Poet
"Congratulations on your book. I am so very proud to claim you as one of my former students. I know you have been working on the message in your book for a long time now. Those brothers who have ears will hear, and, those brother who have eyes will see. The Struggle Continues!!!"
Ron Daniels, Founder of the Institute for the Black World, Professor, Pan-Africanist, Television and Radio Host -
"Thank you for your noble efforts of self-determination for our people"
Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Pastor Emeritus, Pan-Africanist and Global Activist -
"Your prophetic voice challenges us on many levels. You give me hope for our beloved Fraternity! Because of you and like-minded men of Omega, the Founders are smiling! God bless you and God bless us all as we strive to exemplify manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift each moment of each day!"
Revolution for Black fraternity relevance to the Global African Struggle
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